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What should happen with The Summit mall?

   The owners of The Summit mall in Wheatfield tried several strategies to keep the struggling Williams Road retail hub open in recent years, but in the end none of them have worked.

   The North Carolina-based limited liability company that owns the mall, Oberlin Plaza One, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the mall property will be put up for sale as part of the proceedings.

   Inside tenants will have 60 days to move out. The owners will work with tenants who want to remain open on site and move to a location accessible from the outside of the building, James Anthony, leader of the company that bought the mall in 2002, told News Niagara Reporter Denise Jewell Gee for a story in today's Niagara Weekend.

   Anthony said said Sears, The Bon-Ton, Save-A-Lot, M&T Bank, Bank of America and Summit Pediatrics will remain open for business.

   Meanwhile, town and county leaders said they will work with other tenants to help them relocate in Niagara County and to try to help find a new use for the mall property.

   "It is now and will continue to be retail in part," Anthony said. "But it is simply too big and costly to be a pure retail center. It needs to have offices and services in it."

   Can The Summit survive? If so, in what form?

-- News Niagara Editor Scott Scanlon


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