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Message of hope from the pulpit at Lew-Port

   It's not a battle between a Baptist minister from Buffalo and a Niagara County School Board president.

   The Rev. Darius Pridgen on Tuesday night said the issue of Robert J. Weller's e-mails is really about giving everyone in the community a chance to gain a greater understanding about the amount of work left to be done with regard to race relations in America.

   "I think what hopefully began as possibly poor judgment," Pridgen said, "ends in good leadership and as an example to children and youth and to adults all over this country."

   Read today's full story on last night's Lew-Port meeting here.

   Here's the full text of the written statement Weller distributed to the press:

   "I would like to once again apologize and say how sorry I am to anyone whom I have offended by forwarding some private political satire to six friends of mine on the board. If I had intended to hurt anyone and use it in a destructive way, I would have sent it to many more people.

   "Little did I know that someone here was harboring their own political agenda and would use it against me nine months later. It is a shame they had to share personal e-mail with the press and cast a dim view on a great school district at the expense of discrediting my personal character. Clearly, I exercised poor judgment and will not do it again."

   Listen to Pridgen's full comments from Tuesday night here.

   Listen to an interview with Weller that followed Tuesday's meeting here.

   -- Aaron Besecker


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