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Weller says he'll stay put on Lew-Port school board

   Lewiston-Porter School Board President Robert J. Weller says he will not step down from his seat, as reported in today's News and on

   Weller refused to resign after being asked to by school district administration.

   No violation of school board policy was found, the administration said.

   "There's no specific board policy you can put your finger on that he has violated," Superintendent R. Christopher Roser said. "It was certainly in poor taste, but we can't find anything. We can support him as board member and not support what he does as a private citizen."

   Weller sent e-mail messages to other board members who considered some of them to be racist and sexist, as reported in The News on June 7.

   Read today's full story here.

   --Aaron Besecker


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