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What brings you home?

   Organizers from Niagara Rises hope that a lineup of events that showcase Niagara Falls this weekend during the first Niagara Homecoming will convince a few Niagara natives to move back home.

   They also expect it to raise the spirits of those who have chosen to stay.

   Designed to mirror the four-year-old Buffalo Homecoming, the Niagara Homecoming "Citybration" will offer four days of networking, partying and sightseeing.

   Taste local wines during a kickoff cocktail reception from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls.

   Tour the county's infamous mob scene or its breathtaking sights on Saturday.

   Begin your Sunday early with a sunrise worship service on Goat Island before heading to the Aquarium of Niagara for brunch.

   A complete lineup of events for both Niagara Homecoming and Buffalo Homecoming can be viewed at

   "It's about people in town celebrating, as well," Niagara Rises member Colleen Kulikowski told The Buffalo News. "As much as we'd like to bring people back, I think it's about changing people's attitude and making it more positive."

   Has your perception of Niagara Falls changed in recent years?

   If you don't live here, what would convince you to return to Niagara County? What do you miss most about the region and are you coming back for the event?

   If you do live here, what keeps you here? What couldn't you live without if you ever - perish the thought - decided to move away?

   -- Denise Jewell Gee


Niagara Falls
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