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Lilly avoids questions on 'The Vanguard'

Six Seven editions of The Vanguard have been printed and distributed, mostly in the Lewiston-Porter area, since last June. Most, if not all, of the bylines on its stories are psuedonymns. It contains no advertising.

Trying to get former Lewiston-Porter School Board member Edward M. Lilly (photo by John Hickey/Buffalo News) to answer questions about his association with the publication proved to be quite a challenge.

In the end, he didn't really answer any of them.Lilly

Instead, Lilly decided to communicate with us through a two-page, handwritten statement he faxed to our office. We agreed to post the full statement on Click here to see what Lilly sent us, in its entirety.

It reads (unedited):

"My first involvement with the Vanguard newspaper was when four state troopers, including Ben Campbell, came to my house at 2:00 a.m.

The State Police were looking for the "Loser Cop Loses" edition, and had also pounded on my 70 year old mother-in-laws door, in the middle of that same nite.

Campbell had given my mother-in-law 3 unwarranted tickets and Judge Sheerans improper decision was rightfully overturned by a higher court.

The "Reporter" and the "Vanguard" had covered this mis carriage of justice.

I read many publications and find that the "Kiplinger Letter" and the "Vanguard" have the most inside information.

I am proud to disseminate any publication that delivers the truth to the people."

We asked him the following questions on the phone and in writing before and after we received his statement:

--  Are you saying you were not, in any way, involved in the Vanguard or its publication before the July 16 incident?

-- Have you distributed the Vanguard, and if so, in what capacity? i.e., Have you delivered it? If you have delivered it, was it on a regular basis?

-- Have you paid for any content in the Vanguard or for its publication?

-- Have you written stories for the Vanguard?

--  In your view, does the Vanguard deliver the truth to the people?

--  Publications have included photographs or doctored photographs of President Barack Obama dressed in a Nazi uniform, three male Lew-Port teachers union members standing together shirtless with captions inferring sexual behavior and Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown eating fried chicken. Do you believe those depictions have redeeming value?

Lilly never answered.

--Aaron Besecker


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