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Video and Audio: Independent film shooting in Falls


Director Ken Cosentino shoots a scene with actress Lizzy Bruno at a house on Ferry Avenue in Niagara Falls for the independent film "CRIMSON: The Motion Picture." (Charles Lewis /Buffalo News)

The Niagara Weekend section in this Sunday's Buffalo News will feature a story about some area filmmakers working on a movie about a comic book artist-turned-vigilante.

Dubbed "CRIMSON: The Motion Picture," the film is currently in production in Niagara Falls, and has also shot in Lewiston and Greece, N.Y.

Here's a video with interviews with the filmmakers during a day of shooting in late September inside and outside a home on Ferry Avenue in the Falls:

Director Ken Cosentino further describes the plot of CRIMSON in this audio clip:

Listen to writer Michael Shimmel talk about the origin of the story:

Here's actor/producer James Ventry describing what it was like taking on his first acting role:

Here's a teaser for the film from YouTube:

Find out more about the film at, and don't forget to check out Sunday's Niagara Weekend section for the front-page feature story.

--Aaron Besecker


Lewiston | Niagara Falls
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