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Audio: Niagara Falls' latest economic development obstacle

New Falls econ dev director NIAGARA KAY4 LEWIS
Peter F. Kay's salary for next year as the director of economic development for the City of Niagara Falls was cut from $100,000 to $1, effectively pushing him out the door. (Charles Lewis / Buffalo News file photo)

When Niagara Falls lawmakers slashed the salary of the city's economic-development director last week, the man in the job saw it as part of a political spat.

In a story in today's Niagara Weekend, we get more from all sides on the move to oust Peter F. Kay, what it means and what should happen.

Listen to a portion of my interview with Councilwoman Kristen M. Grandinetti conducted after the Council vote:

City Council Chairman Samuel F. Fruscione said he expects there will be a negotiation between lawmakers and Mayor Paul A. Dyster on where the city goes from here.

Fruscione said the Council will have the final say on how much the new person in the job gets paid. He said he favored a salary in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.

Listen to some of what Fruscione told me:

Here's what Dyster said when asked about Fruscione's preference for a salary:

"From what I know of the market, having been through the search for Mr. Kay," Dyster said, "I don't think you're going to get somebody for that dollar amount that's going to have the qualifications necessary to do the job.

--Aaron Besecker


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