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Complete alternatives for the Robert Moses Parkway

    About 140 Niagara County residents on Monday met with local officials from the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for the unveiling of six options for the future of the Robert Moses Parkway.

    The Parkway, built a half-century ago, has deteriorated in some spots and become a source of controversy in recent years. Sunday, we wrote about the next step in the process to choose the parkway's future. 

     Mosespic2 Some think the road should be torn up. Others see it as a key link from the Falls to Lewiston and Youngstown. Whatever your preference, you can now see the proposed alternatives in their entirety. Here they are:

     Alternative 1: Restore the parkway to its pre-2002, four-lane version. 

     Alternative 2: Complete and update the current Robert Moses Parkway Pilot Project.

     Alternative 3: Redesign Whirlpool Street in Niagara Falls with a continuous park road, curving the street to the lower level. 

     Alternative 4: Redesign Whirlpool Street, with a segmented park road.

     Alternative 5: Redesign Whirlpool Street, with a divided park road.

     Alternative 6: Removal of the Robert Moses Parkway stretch.

    The alternatives will also be on display through Friday at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center, 1201 Pine Ave. Niagara Falls, and at Lewiston Village Hall, 145 N. 4th St., from Monday to June 17. Questions will be taken from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at those sites on those days.

    Written comment sheets can be found here and submitted to the Niagara Gorge Corridor Project, c/o Parsons, 40 La Riviere Dr. Suite 350, Buffalo, N.Y. 14202. 

    Feel free to leave your comment on my story from today's paper. Which option do you feel most benefits the Niagara region?

    -News Niagara Reporter Charlie Specht

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