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A waterfront park in Niagara Falls

   NIAGARA FALLS -- Officials and residents gathered just past the city's southern border today to celebrate the groundbreaking of LaSalle Waterfront Park.  IMAG0122

   Actually, construction had already begun on the land, as construction workers were busy cutting trees and grinding up the trunks an hour before the press conference. 

   In short, city officials hope the park will include, by December:

   --A cantilever deck for residents to walk above the water's edge

   --A floating dock that residents can use to fish

   --Grassy picnic areas

   --A recreation area with a playground

Here's the master plan for the park, which had been owned by the city and undeveloped for two decades:


   I got to the site early to see what information I could gather from the workers. Here's what the guys from Scott Lawn Yard will be looking at when they put the plan in place and build each aspect of the park:

  The floating dock area:

The cantilever deck:


The gazebo:


 Here's some background about the park's history, and here's my story with all the details from Monday's announcement.

   -News Niagara Reporter Charlie Specht 

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