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Dyster begins his second term

   NIAGARA FALLS -- When Mayor Paul A. Dyster scored a victory over Republican challenger Johnny G. Destino on Tuesday, he became the city's first two-term mayor since Michael C. O'Laughlin left office in 1991.   Dyster

    Day One of his second term --according to City Hall sources -- included some time for rest and relaxation after a campaign that started slow and heated up in the past few days.

   After defeating Destino 53 to 45 percent, the mayor spoke about the top priorities on his agenda for his second term.

   Among them: two road repaving projects and large-scale development aimed at revitalizing downtown and the city's North End.

  Here's my interview with Mayor Paul Dyster about his agenda for his second term.


   -News Niagara Reporter Charlie Specht

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