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Niagara Falls council budget cuts

The Niagara Falls City Council last night trimmed more than $3 million from Mayor Paul A. Dyster's proposed budget, averting an 8 percent tax hike and roughly one-half of the two dozen layoffs proposed by the mayor. 

SamYou can read my full story in today's paper here and see a complete listing of the 150 budget amendments here

This budget isn't final, of course -- the mayor is likely to veto many of the cuts -- but Council Chairman Sam Fruscione (left) is confident many will stand, telling me the votes "are in the bank" to uphold the substantial cuts.

It's also important to note that there was no talk last night of the city taking a $13 million advance from the New York Power Authority. Council Chairman Sam Fruscione opposes the idea -- it essentially robs the future to pay for the present, he says -- and has given no indication the council will move to accept the funds.   

- Charlie Specht (@CharlieBuffNews)

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