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New Niagara Greenway projects have Buffalo flavor

By Charlie Specht

As I write this, Niagara River Greenway officials are in Grand Island discussing five projects aimed at studying or improving public access to the Niagara River. 

But unlike most projects that appear before the Greenway board, all five projects have a decidedly Buffalo and Erie County flavor.

Three involve the industrial heritage of Buffalo's Old First Ward, specifically the Silo City grain elevator area and the historic Edward M. Cotter fire boat. Another includes waterfront landscaping in the Town of Tonawanda, while the last is a study of the types of fish swimming along the river from Buffalo to Grand Island.

All the projects are seeking funds from the Greenway commission, which was created to guide the development of a greenbelt along the river's edge. Commissioners will determine at 3 p.m. whether the projects align with the Greenway's vision, while another board will later determine funding for the projects. 

To project proposals -- in their entirety -- can be viewed by clicking on this link

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