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Quick hits from Niagara Falls State of the City

By Charlie Specht

Mayor Paul Dyster tonight gave President Obama a run for his money as far as long speeches go, delivering a 50-minute address to supporters in the city's new culinary institute.

Dyster's speech touched on nearly every aspect of city government. For a play-by-play of the highlights, check out my Twitter handle @CharlieBuffNews. 

Here's a few additional quick hits quoted directly from the speech:

On new downtown housing program: "We have lost 50 percent of our population over 50 years -- the largest population loss of any city in New York State...If we want to survive as a city we need to find ways to keep talented young people here, and get them to come from other places." (More on this in Friday's Buffalo News)

On demolition plan for blighted properties: "The message to the owners of these nuisance buildings is simple and clear: maintain your properties, and show some respect to your neighbors, or get out. Enough is enough."

On land speculators: "...One way or another, we are going to make it impossible for land speculators to hold down development in Niagara Falls by hanging on to multiple key development parcels year after year, decade after decade with no regard for how this impedes the overall development of the city."

On skeptics: "They doubt view our problems as intractable and complex, and doubt we will ever overcome them...they in turn create anxiety, fear, and even despair among the people around them...Well I say, 'rubbish'...we will always find a way to rise to the occasion, to prosper and prevail."

These speeches are usually filled with this kind of lofty rhetoric. Will this vision become reality, or just another broken promise in Niagara Falls?

Stay tuned to find out.

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