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Love Canal audio and video


Workers in 2011 found Love Canal-era chemicals in this sewer on Colvin Boulevard in Niagara Falls. Residents say those chemicals rushed into their homes and basements. (Photo: Charles Lewis/Buffalo News)


By Charlie Specht

Here's some audio and video to go along with Part I and Part II of our Love Canal series this weekend. 

The first video, by Derek Gee, is of the Herr family worrying about the health and safety of their children. You get a sense of what the neighborhood really looks like. The second, by Charles Lewis, is a tour of Love Canal with Mike Basile of the EPA.

Also check out this audio of Dan Herbeck and I speaking this morning on WBFO about our series.

We have received some interesting feedback, mostly from readers who say the fault lies with the families who bought the homes but also the government agencies that allowed them to.

This account is from a reader who grew up on 99th Street and has since moved away:

"As a young boy I developed rashes on [my] hands and feet a lot. I also was sick a lot. [The doctor] said it was just a rash [but] it didn't really do anything. My mother died of cancer at 45 years old. My father and sister have cysts all over them...I know that people should not be living there."

Let us know what you think about our series. There will be more to come.


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