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Copy of Hornblower lawsuit against Maid, state

By Charlie Specht

As reported in today's News article, the Maid of the Mist's Canadian competitor has sued the Cuomo administration and the Maid, challenging the legality of a deal that keeps the "iconic" company in business.

It's clear from the lawsuit that Hornblower is, in many cases, attempting to use the state's own words and logic against it. It also references a number of interesting legal cases -- some local -- on the matter of public bidding law. 

Click on this link to view a copy of the suit.  The Maid's 40-year lease agreement with the state can also be viewed here.

Also, we did not reach the Maid in time for today's print edition, but the company has released this statement below:

"We followed proper procedures at all times. We are confident that the courts will determine that this lawsuit is without merit."


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