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All about stimulus

   Economic stimulus and rescue plans dominate today's Buffalo News editorial page.

   The lead editorial, "Stimulus must reach upstate," argues: Voters here should be outraged if upstate in general and the Buffalo area in particular are shortchanged in economic recovery spending.

   The companion piece, "Add detail to bank plan," opines: A day spent acknowledging the problem and promising to do a better job than the last crowd did in solving it, which is what Treasury Secretary   TimothyGeithner Timothy Geithner [right] did Tuesday, was not the confidence-boosting act that Wall Street needed.
[Personal comment: Geithner seems to some to be far too cozy with the same Wall Street people and institutions that created this mess in the first place. In his reluctance to depose them now, he seems to be trying to avoid the great error of the Bush administration's war in Iraq -- the premature de-Baathification of the government and the disasterous dissolution of the nation's army.]   

   And today's Another Voice contribution, from the Western New York Healthcare Association, says to keep it simple: Make sure federal money meant for health care goes for health care.

- ProPublica , the interesting new independent investigative journalism Web site, justifies all the fuzzy commentary that's coming out right now by coming right out and saying that the full details of the stimulus plan have not yet been made public. ProPublica's best stab at those facts is here.
The New York Times: The [stimulus] bill is, for the most part, a step in the right direction. But political wrangling, including President Obama’s futile pursuit of bipartisanship, rendered it smaller and less focused than it needed to be.
Paul Krugman: Mr. Obama’s victory feels more than a bit like defeat. The stimulus bill looks helpful but inadequate, especially when combined with a disappointing plan for rescuing the banks. And the politics of the stimulus fight have made nonsense of Mr. Obama’s postpartisan dreams.
- The Plain Dealer's Kevin O'Brien: The real price of the stimulus will be individual liberty.
  The Poughkeepsie Journal: The nation's economy has been taking a shellacking and needs a good jolt, but is this how the country wants to wind up on the hook for another $789 billion? With vague talks of a negotiated stimulus-package deal by congressional leaders and the president? ...With no public vetting that includes - at the very least - the actual language of the massive measure on the Internet for a few days before a final vote?
The Dallas Morning News: Unfortunately, the nearly $800 billion framework finalized Wednesday by House and Senate negotiators lacks the right mix of shock and awe.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: It's disheartening that help for recession-rocked states was cast aside as somehow superfluous to a measure aimed at creating and maintaining jobs. State budgets are all about jobs. One way or another, more than $4 of every $5 Minnesota state government collects in taxes winds up in somebody's paycheck.
 The Orange County Register [on the Treasury plan]: So a problem created by reckless credit expansion is to be solved by expanding credit even more. No wonder the markets were not impressed.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer


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