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Looking forward, looking back

   Editorials in today's Buffalo News look forward with some hope and backward with some wistfullness.

   The lead, "Loan program is needed," argues that a new idea from Gov. David Paterson to help New York college students get lower-interest loans is a good one. And the least that could be done after the same administration has proposed raising tuitions and cutting grant programs for those same universities.
   More support for the loan program, called NYHELPS , is here and here.  

   The companion piece, "Music in motion, stilled," remembers the life and career of Lukas Foss, composer, pianist and, from 1963 to 1970, musical director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Foss    His work with the Philharmonic in new music programming and his combining of performers from the UB group and the Philharmonic in synergistic chamber music concerts at the modern art mecca of the Albright-Knox turned world attention to Buffalo.

   Buffalo News remembrances of Foss are here, here and here - with a companion blog entry here. More background and links on, where else, Wikipedia.
   The Buffalo reference in Foss' extensive New York Times obit falls into the thanks for the faint praise category: As a conductor, Mr. Foss held several important posts, or more precisely he took several minor podiums and transformed them into important ones. In the seven years he directed the Buffalo Philharmonic, from 1963 to 1970, he joined forces with composers on the faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo to raise the city’s profile as a center of musical experimentation.
   No wonder we don't get no respect.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer 


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