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More stimulating editorials ...

... Or, at least, more editorials about the federal stimulus plan :

      The Buffalo News offers a twofer. The lead, "Money must work now," argues that the federal money  Adamactivate the states spend must be in addition to, not instead of, money they would have spent anyway, or it won't really stimulate anything.

What was and is needed is spending that produces jobs immediately. That’s where the money should be directed. Economic stimulus delayed is economic stimulus denied.

   The other, "Support neighborhoods plan," backs the proposed Community Regeneration Act, which would help Buffalo and other cities deal with the growing problem of vacant homes.

And so on:
- The News-Press of Ft. Myers, Fla., warns that state's governor not to forget that the stimulus money is a one-shot deal, not something that will keep the state in the black in the out years.
The Ann Arbor News thinks likewise.
The Northwestern in Oshkosh, Wis., praises that governor for setting out a process, and a chief money follower, to see to it that stimulus money is spent wisely and in the open.
The Post-Bulletin in Rochester [the other one] thinks that governor is right to avoid the cheap theatrics of some of his peers and not reject the federal money.
The Banner-Herald in Athens, Ga., says that state will have to look for other revenues to pick up the already considerable slack when the federal boodle runs out.
-  The Wilton [Conn.] Bulletin: Back in November, the nation voted for change, and this is it.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer   


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