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Roundup: Obama stands strong

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News, "Obama stands strong," praises the president for last night's speech to a joint session of Congress:

   The president delivered a strong speech Tuesday that sounded the right tone of confidence and strength—but the road ahead, through a still-deepening recession and a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and Israel, remains difficult indeed.

   Obamaspeech The official text of the president's speech is here. [Y en espanol.] The White House posts the video here [though you have to have a newer Flash than I do to see it.] Here's an interactive video/analysis of the speech posted by The New York Times. The NYT also provides a video of the Republican response from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

On the other hands:
- The Wall Street Journal: Far from suggesting limits on Congress or federal spending, the new President made clear in his first State of the Union address that he believes in government power as the answer to our current difficulties, and he intends to use it.
 The New York Times: The president is right. The growing ranks of unemployed and uninsured Americans need health coverage, and shaky businesses need relief from the burden of high health care costs. The time to move boldly and rapidly on health care reform is now, while the need is great and Mr. Obama’s popularity is still high.
The Orange County Register: President Barack Obama offered not only candor about the problems this country faces, but a sense of hope and confidence about America's ability to come back stronger and more prosperous than ever. Whether the program outlined in his speech will do it or whether the country will recover more in spite of what government does rather than because of what government does is the question.
 The Arizona Republic: We encourage Congress to embrace Obama's call to make an acknowledgment of a shared love of country the starting point of every debate. It is a good formula for civil discourse. It reveals the callousness of those who tout a desire to see the new president fail.   
The In general, the speech had its usual effect on me, only amplified this year--which was to make me hate all the senators and representative gathered in the House to unctuously pretend on camera that they're supportive of the President. They're not the people who are going to help him succeed. They are the people who are going to conspire, probably successfully, to prevent him from succeeding.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer


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