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Roundup: Again with the stimulus

   Again with the stimulus package. [Well, until baseball season starts, what else is there?]

   The Buffalo News editorial "Schools get a break," argues that it was right for President Obama and  Obamaseal Congress to pour federal money into school district budgets so they can avoid big layoffs/program cuts/tax increases. But it has to be seen as a breather, not a permant solution.

   Had school districts not been held harmless by an influx of federal dollars, districts would be in dire straits this year. But those dollars largely will be borrowed overseas, and will be a liability for the future generations now being educated. School boards should feel an obligation to use that debt wisely now and to take steps toward the changes that must happen if future shortfalls are to be met—re-examining health insurance, employee contributions and so on.

   Across the page, economics pundit Robert Samuelson argues that the stimulus package spends a lot of money [which is good] but spends it too slowly and on things that won't really stimulate the economy [which is very, very bad]. 

More stimulating debate:
The Democrat & Chronicle is happy that everyone from the president to the New York State Comptroller is promising to watch how all these billions of your dollars are spent.
   State spending can be tracked here, we are told, and federal spending there. 
- The New York Times scolds the handful of GOP governors who are rejecting parts of the stimulus package, saying they are making political points at the expense of their own states' unemployed.
The New York Post says the normal NYC fight over library budgets avoids the real issue -- overly generous pension packages for library retirees.
-  The Las Vegas Review-Journal says the stimulus package is an "abomination" that won't stimulate anything but the size of government.
-  The Dallas Morning News says President Obama has a big task before him when he speaks to Congress and the nation tonight: He must inspire like Churchill and warn like Lincoln.
 The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, Calif., wants the president to give it to us straight. We can take it.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer 



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