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A big hotel, a tiny cell, and wine

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News -- "Hotel plans revisited" -- notes with approval that J.W. Pitts Hotel Properties has resubmitted its plan for a waterfront hotel. The generic suburban/airport style that foolishly had been submitted along with the Pitts proposal to the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency has been replaced with a site-specific "Real Urbanism" design [left] that arguably complements nearby residential and office developments.

In terms of scale and site plan, the team’s proposal has been strengthened considerably. The Common Council should take a close look at this improved plan, and at how it fits into the entire scheme of future waterfront redevelopment, before charting any new courses for this Erie Basin hotel project.

   More on said project herethere and yonder.

   The second editorial -- "Widening stem cell work" -- approves of President Obama's order lifting the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. It holds much promise for finding cures for diseases and treatment for injuries.
   But, we argue, such research should be limited to the many embryos that are the by-product of fertility treatment. A proposal to allow the creation of new embryos specifically for such research should not become law.

   And, in the Another Voice and My View billets today, two servings of wine.

   In the My View column, Robin Bobowicz fights cabin fever with a wine tasting.

   In Another Voice, Rochester liquor store owner Joseph J. Pecoraro dissents from the News editorial that favored allowing New York grocery stores to sell wine.
   [Newsday and The New York Post are among other newspapers that agree with us on the wine issue. But maybe that's just because newspaper people feel a need for easy access to more alcohol.]

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer      


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