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Building. Planning. Dying.

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News -- "Stand behind local hopes" -- argues that state assistance for economic development projects in Buffalo and Niagara Falls needs to go ahead, even in times of economic woes. Especially in times of economic woes.

   The taxpayers of the state of New York should not assist long-term economic development in Buffalo and Niagara Falls as an act of kindness. Or even as recompense for years of neglect.
They should do it as a way of balancing the state’s economic base, so that future dips, hiccups and disasters on Wall Street might be at least somewhat balanced by a Western New York economy, an economy that is in turn balanced across pillars of tourism, education, health care, green energy and agriculture, among others.

   [Gov. David Paterson, after some scary loose lips earlier in the week, said as much during a visit to Buffalo Thursday.]

   The second editorial -- "Establish planning board" -- supports efforts by members of the Erie County Legislature, and others, to create a county planning board to review the county's overall growth patterns and help the smaller communities build a logical set of standards that developers can count on when planning projects.

   All of which seems really kind of petty next to today's My View. Charles Burgin [left] remembers Charlesburgin the murder of his brother, 15 years ago, and what it says about life in modern urban America.

   To date, I have participated in more than 100 prayer vigils, assisting many families while also attending more than 100 funerals. I started seeing a pattern of disgust. Homicide after fratricide, the community would become temporarily enraged, then it was business as usual until the next murder. Unified leadership for “real” change is AWOL.

   And, in Another Voice, the president of the New York State Public Employees Federation, Ken Brynien, argues that the state should preserve its juvenile facilities.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer 




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