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Harbor thaws; Republicans dither; dogs love

The lake is still frozen, but the harbor is starting to thaw.

   That's the lead of the lead editorial -- "Waterfront sees progress" -- in today's Buffalo News. It is happy about the fact that Buffalo's waterfront redevelopment is starting to move beyond the necessaryCanalsideRGB demolition and into a real planning stage.

   Buffalo should heed the recommendation of a new citizens advisory panel that development efforts should be guided by a clear long-term vision of what the waterfront should be.

   The second editorial -- "GOP needs to regroup" -- wishes the United States had an opposition party   Gopelephant with something to offer in the national debate about restoring the economy.

   Is the national Republican Party suicidal or merely confused? Either is possible, but the result could well be a generation spent wandering in the political wilderness.

   More hopeful is Jacci Reed's My View contribution -- "Dogs have taught me unconditional love".

   When all is said and done, my only goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am. 

   More demanding is today's Another Voice column. Long-time educator Ann Lupo argues "Low expectations veil a pernicious form of racism"

I have taught “inner-city youth” and their teachers for more than 30 years. I know what they are capable of and what their parents can reasonably expect. High expectations lead to high performance.

--George Pyle/Editorial Writer



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