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Power, planning, pens, phones

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News -- "Switching off a rate hike" -- takes the report that thNew York Power Authority has backed off of a planned hydropower rate hike as good news. Not only will it NYPAKessel save upstate homes and businesses money, it suggests that NYPA President Richard Kessel [right] is serious about helping Western New York with its economic problems and possibilities.
   The NYPA announcement is here. Portions of a last week's News Editorial Board meeting with Kessel can be heard here.

   The second -- "Find a stellar city planner" -- laments the loss of the person who was going to be the new city planner for the City of Buffalo. We need one, and soon.

When times are tough, the few development projects a city has the good fortune to attract need to be carefully planned and integrated into the community. When times are good, the many Langan development projects a city has the good fortune to attract need to be, well, just as carefully planned and integrated.

   In the My View space, Michael D. Langan [left] observes that Letter writing isn't what it used to be.

   And Another Voice contributor Ronald Fraser, of the DKT Liberty Project, argues that other states should follow the lead of New York and make it easier for prison inmates to keep in touch with their families. It helps strenghten a prisoner's connection to society and makes it easier to live on the outside when released.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer


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