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Thursday Opinions

Campus cash
   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News -- "Campuses take a hit" -- agrees with the miffed leaders of Sunylogo the state's public universities that it is not fair to raise tuition costs for students and then use the money, not to improve education at State University of New York or City University of New York campuses, but to make up for the state's overall deficit woes.

Albany should not be imposing what amounts to a tax on students, at least in its initial years. And the schools make a plausible case that bureaucracy is getting in the way of faster, less costly and more efficient local operations.

See also:
- The Buffalo State College Web site has a page helping students and their parents raise objections to the tuition sweep.
- The Albany Student Press headlines its editorial State sanctioned grand larceny.

Green space
   The second editorial -- "Welcoming a new park" -- celebrates the good news of the Niagara River Greenway Commission allocating $1 million for a new park along the riverfront near Buffalo's Cobblestone District.

A cat named Trouve
   In today's My View slot, Jamestown attorney Gavin MacFadyen [right] explains how he came by hisMacFadyen new best friend.

I had considered calling her “Velcro” because she seldom left my side during the first few days, as if fearing another abandonment. Instead, I settled on the French word “Trouve” or “found.”

Dress for success
   And, in today's Another Voice offering, Charter School for Applied Technology Superintendent J. Efrain Martinez argues that his school's dress code will prepare his students to succeed in their chosen careers.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer 


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