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Weekend sampler

From the weekend's Buffalo News Opinion pages:

   Sunday's focus was on labor issues. The Viewpoints cover story -- "Labor debate" -- dealt with the fight over the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. Some say it would help workers by making it easier for labor unions to organize at workplaces not now represented. Others worry that it tilts the balance too far in favor of labor, just when employers can least afford it.
   Our lead editorial on the subject that day was called "Too open to abuse." So, you might gather, we're opposed.
   This just in:  Three companies known for having good relations with their workers -- Starbucks, Costco and Whole Foods -- have offered a compromise plan. We'll consider it.
   The second editorial -- "Focus on the economy" -- begins: It's the economy, smart guy. It says President Obama needs to concentrate all his political fire on fixing the economy, specifically the credit markets, before he can have any hope of reforming health care, education, environmental policy, or anything else.
   And this just in: Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner have announced a new plan to meld public and private efforts to relief banks of the "toxic assets" that have so burdened the credit system.

   Saturday's lead editorial -- "The AG and AIG" -- argues that the investigation by New York Cuomo3 Attorney General Andrew Cuomo [left] into the much-hated executive bonuses paid out by even-more-hated AIG is the best way to deal with the problem. Certainly better than punitive, and perhaps unconstitutional, tax clawbacks being supported in Congress.
   These guys may really be the only ones who can defuse the bomb that is still ticking away at the heart of the global financial system. Or as they say over at The Daily Beast: Let them have their blood money -- but tell us where the bodies are buried.
   Other thoughts from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram [AIG stands for "Ain't it Greed"], The Seattle Times  [Give it all back] and The Minneapolis Star-Tribune [The anger makes it harder to solve the problem]. 

   Monday's lead editorial -- "Seek the truth about torture" -- supports the plan from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy to establish a truth commission to look into the abuses of the Bush administration as they concern torture, illegal prisons, illegal wiretapping, etc. The point is to find out what happened, and how we can keep it from happening again, not partisan grandstanding or even punishment for those who went over the line.
   The goods showing that the previous regime was, indeed, guilty of torture are here.
   The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post agree.

-- George Pyle/Editorial Writer


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