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Editorial: Offshore wind power worth exploring

Today's editorial takes note of the New York Power Authority's proposal to site 25 to 40 windmills in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, or both. We're intrigued, and think the idea is worth exploring -- although there are serious aesthetic and technical questions that must be answered.

This is a very early stage -- NYPA is just now asking wind energy developers whether they mighbe interested in submitting proposals. So there's no detail on where this offshore wind farm might be or what it might look like.

Here are the links cited in today's editorial, in clickable form:

Our main story is here.

The American Wind Energy Association's summary of offshore wind power is here.

The Cape Winds proposal for Nantucket Sound is here.  Evidence against it is cited in a Beacon Hill Institute (at Suffolk College) study found here.

The New York Power Authority is here. And here's a direct link to the "Request for Expressions of Interest."



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