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Editorial: urban farming

Today's editorial says that if Buffalo isn't going to seed or for the birds, it should be. The issue is urban farming, a national movement that closely parallels the "locavore" trend toward eating locally grown and produced food.

Farm  The two local examples of that trend include a bid by Mark and Janice Stevens, at left, to farm two acres of East Side land and an attempt by West Side resident Monique Watts to raise chickens. Both ran into city opposition, but there are efforts now under way to see if these proposals can work.

They should, but with strings attached -- restrictions on pesticide use and odors, for example. Other cities (Cleveland, Rochester, New York City) have such efforts, and here in Buffalo the Massachusetts Avenue Project is farming on the West Side already (see the project's letter in today's Everybody's Column).

Meanwhile, here's a repeat of some info links from today's editorial. Check out the New York Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, Greenmarket Farmers Markets or "Residential Chicken Keeping: An Examination of 25 Cities."

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