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Editorials: Pirates and tall ships

Aaaarh. It's what Dave Barry used to promote as "Talk Like a Pirate Day" here on the editorial page at The News (the real one is Sept. 19). We're looking for a parrot -- a fine Norwegian blue, perhaps -- and eye patches so that some of us can lean to the left and one of us can lean to the right, but for now we're just practicing our accents. Aaaarh.

The occasion for all this is a maritime editorial page, A6 for those of you reading along at home. Today's lead editorial calls for strong U.S. and international action against the real pirates off the coast of Somalia, now that the Maersk Alabama incident has ended in about as good a fashion as could be imagined. 

Alabama   (At left, the Maersk Alabama is in port in Kenya after last week's attempt at piracy off the Somalia coast.)

Tallship Then, in another bit of maritime news, word arrived that Buffalo will get its own tall ship, the 73-foot gaff-rigged topsail schooner Spirit of Buffalo. Nothing says waterfront like masts and yardarms, so another editorial says this is a very good thing for the emerging Erie Canal Harbor and for a Great Lakes city that needs to emphasize its maritime history. While this isn't quite the typical Great Lakes cargo schooner of days long gone (previously named the Jolly Rover, it was designed to look like a Caribbean coastal schooner with a rather piratey air), it's close enough. Let's get all the politicians down to the waterfront to welcome her to her new home port, just to make sure there'll be enough wind to sail her in.

Speaking of which, editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis'  target today is Tax Day. Like we said, it's all about the pirates.


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