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Memories of the Statler

We've just editorialized on the murky future of a building that should be preserved, the landmark Statler Towers on Niagara Square. Built in 1923 by Ellsworth Statler as the flagship of his hotel chain, the  Statler boasted some firsts -- including in-room bathrooms -- and hosted presidents and entertainment stars in its heyday. And the elegance of its Golden Ballroom, Terrace and other public spaces provided THE gathering place for social life here for decades.


So a lot of folks have memories of the Statler, from proms and weddings to convention gatherings and from hotel accomodations to business locations. I've had my share, but my favorite recollection is pretty mundane -- back when I was a lot younger and a lot trimmer, I used to do a daily lunchhour sprint up 13 floors of stairway, too stairs at a time, to say hello to the receptionist at WYSL, who later became my wife. Good for the heart, in more ways than one.

Care to share your memories. If the building is not only a landmark but a beloved one, maybe it's time for the community to share some love. Or at least some thoughts. Here's a spot to post yours. 

-Mike Vogel

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