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Editorial: Sexting and teenagers

Does it seem overkill to you to prosecute teenaged "sexting", the transmission of nude pictures etc. via cell phones and Internet, as a criminal act of pornography? After all, if bad judgment is always a crime, what teenager would walk free?

Anyway, here's our take on that issue, in an editorial headlined "A problem, not a crime". How's that for foreshadowing?

Editorial: Disdain for taxpayers

We've tried to be clear about what we think of the state's 2009 budget.

Just in case we weren't (despite Tuesday's immediate reaction in this "Cut state government" editorial, we're revisiting the topic today in a lede editorial titled "Disdain for taxpayers," observing that this kind of mess is possible because Albany has evolved intself into an incumbent-protective machine that disdains voters and doesn't seem to care much about the feelings of taxpayers, either.

Editorials and op-eds: Obama takes on GM and the guv likes his budget

So we got this call from the governor's office asking if we could possibly let him voice his evaluation of the state budget he, Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority leader Malcolm Smith had just sent to the rubber stamp factory for approval. Apparently, it wasn't going over too well across the state. Including that part of the state manifested on this page (here's Tuesday's editorial)

Here's a surprise -- Gov. Paterson was opining that it was a really, really, really good budget. His staff asked if we could run it immediately. We were happy to oblige. After all, they were asking for publication on April Fool's Day. Don't these guys ever check a calendar?

Anyway, here's his take on the budget. And here's what we had to say in Tuesday's editorial.

For our part, we focused mostly on President Obama's tough line on General Motors. We're concerned that there's a lot of government intrusion into private business going on, but while that bears watching Obama's threat of bankruptcy proceedings might be what GM needs at this late stage of the death spiral. (We also questioned state senators' pay raises for staffers -- "Times are tough. Share the pain." -- but you're probably all blogged out about that by now).

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