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Editorial: Solar city

Today's lead editorial, "Make Buffalo Shine," features a topic of growing interest across the nation and around the world -- renewable energy. Buffalo has been given the opportunity to remake its image as a snowbound city next month when it hosts the annual convention of the American Solar Energy Society.

It's a chance to show off this area's clean hydropower, growing number of wind power installations and a series of "green" buildings with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification, including the University at Buffalo 's new Life Sciences Complex, BlueCross BlueShield's Buffalo headquarters and the Burchfield Penney Art Center, which is slated for LEED "silver" certification.  Ecology and Environmentin Lancaster, an international environmental consulting firm, is housed in a LEED "platinum" building. 

And there are a number of metro-area renewable energy projects here including large photovoltaic solar arrays at UB and the Buffalo Museum of Science, the Steel Winds site along Lake Erie, geothermal installations at Babeville -- the former Asbury Delaware United Methodist Church on Delaware Avenue -- and Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House. Not to mention the Niagara Power Project in Lewiston, which is an iconic renewable hydropower installation.

Be sure not to miss the Green Business Expo, being organized by Sen. Antoine M. Thompson, D-Buffalo, chairman of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, scheduled to run prior to and during the main event.

For those residents thinking of "greening" their own homes, check out this fascinating video out of  Maine: and this web site

Solar house

Hopefully the sum of all of these events will add up to a different outlook on Buffalo -- other than the snowbound image the area's currently famous for -- and the City of Light will shine in the spotlight.

Dawn Marie Bracely/Editorial Writer


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