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A day at the State Department

Here's a short note from a day of issues briefings for editorialists in Washington this week: The State Department has a gift shop. Who knew?

Well, apparently all the recipients of foreign aid around the world, but we're not talking that kind of gift here. We're talking souvenirs, which some of my colleagues at an annual National Conference of Editorial Writers' session hosted by the State Department found time to peruse. I didn't, perhaps put off by this exchange when the opportunity was announced:

Journalist: Is there a sale on disused policies?

State Department official: No, but discredited ones are a dime a dozen.

Seriously, though, it was good to talk to some of the key players in various areas of foreign policy practice. For a bit of an insider look at the event, here's a link to Richard Prince's article on the briefings and media coverage: 

For the record, Hillary was supposed to join us for lunch but didn't make it back to Washington in time, perhaps because of the family rumors about Chelsea and a summer wedding. And also for the record, Washington was a lot colder than Buffalo early this week, and rain-soaked to boot.

-Mike Vogel/Editorial Page Editor

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