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Big problem. Partial solution.

   A bad-news/good news pair of editorials today anchor The Buffalo News Opinion Section.

Driving New Yorkers out
   The evidence, thus far, is only anecdotal, but it seems clear that if New York is not at an economic tipping point, it is fast sliding in that direction. Small businesses and billionaires alike are fleeing the state as the reality of the most irresponsible state budget in memory starts to set in.  
    A new poll by the Siena College Research Institute reported that 11 percent of New Yorkers will move if things don’t improve, while only 16 percent said they would never leave. Ten percent said they would like to go “as quickly as I can.”

-Streamline this law
   The impenetrable jungle of local governments that burden New York taxpayers is rooted in a morass of laws, spread throughout the state statute books, that can easily frustrate the progress of even the most Cuomo3 resolute citizen reformer.
   Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo [right] has now offered those reformers the promise of a sharp machete. It comes in the form of a bill he calls the New New York Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act.
   Raw text of the legislation is here. AG's supporting summary is here. Newsday reports on how the bill is moving through legislative committees, but has drawn hot opposition from firefighters. It has also gained support from at least one conservative commentator.

   Today's Another Voice column is from Nan L. Haynes, an attorney, who outlines the never-ending problems with the Erie County Holding Center.

   And, in the My View space, Tonawandan Tom Reinagel roars his support for the good done by Lions Clubs.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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