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For torture before she was against it?

   According to the lead editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion section, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't serving any good cause by mixing up her stories about what she knew about CIA torture in the Bush administration and when she knew it.
- Pelosi’s permutations
   It would not be all that shocking to learn that, in 2002, Pelosi and other key members of Congress knew all about the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques”—spook-speak for torture—and not only Pelosi didn’t raise a finger to stop it, but cheered it on.
   But now that the world is slowly but surely regaining the composure that al-Qaida did so much to destroy, as we renounce torture and revive our loyalty to the rule of law, we have no time for a lot of self-serving revisionist history by anyone on either side of the debate.
   Just as it is not acceptable for Dick Cheney to claim that torture was both justified and useful—and expect us to just take his word for it—it is not acceptable for Pelosi to
splutter clumsily that the only reason she didn’t speak out against torture at the time is that the CIA lied to her.
  Associated Press analysis and video. Pelosi press release. Previous News editorial. 
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   Also, we say, good for the Buffalo Public Schools for improvements in their state achievement tests:
-  Well-deserved praise
   On their own, the Buffalo scores were not overly impressive, but reaction by the education commissioner is noteworthy. Perhaps one day, Buffalo schools will move beyond a model of academic improvement to one of achievement.
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   Today's Another Voice contribution is from Janet Trautwein, CEO of the National Association of Health Underwriters. She argues ‘Public option’ will kill private insurance. She also argues that that would be a bad thing.

   And the My View slot goes to Robert Shannon of Clarence, Celebrating the life of my second father. 

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 


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