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Strange bedfellows. Splitting the sheets.

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion section has nice things to say about the choice of Our New Man in Beijing.
A savvy selection 
   When you stop to think about it — as both men apparently did — it shouldn’t be a surprise that Huntsman President Obama wanted Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to be his new ambassador to China, and that Huntsman accepted the job.
   Republican Huntsman is the governor of the state that cast a smaller percentage of its votes for Democrat Obama than any state save Wyoming. But he is not a politician to be judged by his habitat
   Like Obama, Huntsman is an American whose thinking has been broadened by spending a formative part of his life abroad and who remains eager to engage all the peoples of the world. And China is one country that needs serious engaging.
   White House backgrounder. Official state of Utah Huntsman home page. Editorial reaction from The Salt Lake Tribune and two of its columnists, Rebecca Walsh and Sean "Culture Vulture" Means. From Deseret News Editorial Page Editor Jay Evensen. From The Guardian. A Huntsman profile from The New Republic. 
  Full disclosure: I met Jon Hunstman when I was an editorial writer for the aforesaid Salt Lake Tribune and he was getting elected governor. We endorsed him. I voted for the other guy. But I couldn't help but be impressed by the hopeful realism of someone who perceptively refers to raising children (he has seven) as "clinical trials." (His family fortune bankrolls a cancer research hospital, so he knows what the term means.) 

   We also call on the New York Legislature to humanize its laws governing the very human matter of divorce.
- When marriages fail
   Consider it one of the enduring inanities of Albany: The New York State Legislature appears to be on the verge of approving same-sex marriage but still won't budge on the matter of divorce. This state is in the forefront of the fight to allow gays and lesbians to marry, but won’t let anyone end a marriage without first being mauled by the state’s antiquated and punitive—and expensive—divorce laws.
   New York is the only state without a no-fault divorce system. To end a marriage here, either both parties must agree, and submit to a one-year separation, or one must accuse the other of cruel and inhuman treatment, adultery or, conversely, refusal to have sex for a year. The frequent results are prolonged proceedings, heightened animosity and, worst of all, children forced to choose sides as the angry process unfolds.

   Today's Another Voice column is from Angela Logomasini, who argues against the growing number of arguments against bottled water.
Paterson’s new ‘sin industry’: Bottled water?
   She's at -- where else --

   And the My View space goes to Maria J. Steuernagel of Perrysburg, a teacher, who reflects on the drive to lengthen the school day and/or school year.
Societal changes hurt student performance 
    Our school systems keep trying to fill the void, but how effective can they be when as a culture, we simultaneously devalue education while expecting it to fix a host of new and growing problems?

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 


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