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Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson: shared border management, lakes and "Buy American"

Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson paid a visit the other day to The News editorial board and shared with us some thoughts on key issues affecting both nations and the Buffalo Niagara region, in particular. Among the topics: shared border management, the Great Lakes and Canadian concerns regarding the "Buy American" policy.

On environmental issues on the Great Lakes, Wilson sees the ballast water issue as the one causing the greatest amount of concern. Shared border management has been discussed at the upper echelons, according to Wilson, and where it's been left is to take another look; he sees a possibility, if there is flexibility on both sides, for the issue to be resolved.

But perhaps the most contentious issue Wilson wanted to discuss was something that has stirred Canadians: the "Buy American" policy that our northern neighbors view with concern as it relates to trade relationships with this country.

Please feel free to listen to the hypertext-links and hear what Wilson has to say in his own words and, as always, share your thoughts.

Dawn Marie Bracely/Editorial Writer


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