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Columnists: Pro-Obama media bias

You folks had such a good time with E.J. Dionne's column charing the media with conservative bias that I thought I'd point out this one, as well.

In today's Viewpoints section, liberal columnist Susan Estrich worries that ABC-TV's decision to anchor a newscast and prime-time special from the East Room of the White House might be perceived by some viewers as putting the network not just in Obama's house but firmly in his camp. Gee, ya think?

Anyway, Estrich trusts ABC but worries about the perception of bias: "But it's what people see that worries me, and what people are saying about it that should ultimately trouble defenders of a free press. What they'll see is a joint production of the Obama White House and a group of supposedly independent journalists. They'll see the media not covering the White House, but dressing it; not reviewing the show, but hosting it. What is said matters less than what is seen."

She also has some interesting things to say about the power of the media in Washington.

What do you think about ABC's decision -- and about Estrich's take on it?

-Mike Vogel


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