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Where are the adults?

   What's the New York State Senate but another reason to move to Canada?
- From today's Buffalo News editorial, Where are the adults?:
   Were any legislative body in, say, Canada, or any other nation with a parliamentary system, mired in Hitem such disarray, the head of state would have dissolved the body weeks ago and called new elections. But under our three-branch system, all that hapless Gov. David A. Paterson has the power to do is order this clown circus to keep meeting, and meeting, and meeting, in hopes that one side or the other will eventually come to its senses, or collapse, and allow the people’s business to be done.
   Fat chance.
   [News update]

Other opinionators weigh in:
- Newsday: New York State needs a constitutional convention. Just make sure there are no legislators at it.
- The New York Times published just such a call from former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Putting New York Back Together. Paterson agrees.  
- New York Daily News: Take their pay 
- New York Post, in an editorial headlined David has an idea, suggests that enough members of the Senate are under investigation for alleged crimes that the log jam could be broken by busting a few of them. [Example.]
- The Albany Times-Union: A roadmap to sanity could include mediation and bipartisan leadership.
- The Syracuse Post-Standard: Bad Theater: Who will step up to bring Senate to its senses?
- The Niagara Gazette: Senate question must have answer Senators, the first day was interesting. The second day was confusing. The days thereafter were just ridiculous. Figure out who’s in charge and get back to work. And do it today.

   The Gazette is right. It's not even funny anymore. And certainly not as interesting as what's going on in South Carolina, where the governor lit off to Argentina to see his girlfriend.
   Hit it, Sarah.


-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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