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Blog change: offering editorial previews

As you've already noticed, you now can comment on most of what The News publishes -- including the editorials and other stuff on the Opinions pages -- right at the end of the on-line versions of the articles themselves. A lot of you already are taking advantage of that, and while we still will post some aggregations with links to related materials and other papers' editorials in this space, we've been rethinking Matters of Opinions a bit.

So here's the new deal -- instead of just opening M.O.O. up for comments after we publish, I'm going to try to squeeze in some time after our daily editorial board meeting to let you know what we're working on.

We're hoping you'll take the opportunity to share some thoughts. Our writers will be mining the posts for insight during their research stage, before they write. You can also just vent, of course, and you can also suggest editorial topics (although please keep in mind we're not the news side and won't do news stories).

Today we've picked up some topics that we just haven't had the resources to get to immediately during the unusual summer onslaught of Albany and Washington action. We'll be looking at Sen. George Maziarz's claim that state legislation could siphon off even more of Niagara hydropwer's benefits downstate, at a bill that provides for an independent oversight panel for state authorities, at oil drilling proposals for Allegany State Park and at the way highway funding is distributed in this state.

-Mike Vogel/editorial page editor


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