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Cleaning up messes.

   Today's Buffalo News Opinion page sez:

- Honduras poses a test
   President Obama is facing his toughest test yet in Central America, the June 28 coup against Honduras President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras [right]. Whether he passes that test may depend upon how he responds to baiting by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
[News update. Editorial commentary from The Arizona RepublicThe Dallas Morning NewsThe Poughkeepsie JournalThe Nation and The Wall Street Journal. Statements from The White House and SoS Hillary Clinton's news conference with video.]     

- Improve jail care
    There have been far too many suggestions in recent years that people in the custody of the Erie County Holding Center were not getting the kind of attention they need. ... That’s why it is good news that the Erie County Legislature, at the urging of County Executive Chris Collins, has moved to put the county’s doctor — Health Commissioner Anthony J. Billittier IV — in charge of the health care provided to the inmates of the downtown holding center and the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden.

State must change rules on lieutenant governorship 
   by State Assemblyman Robin Schimminger
   A little over a year ago, the Rockefeller Institute of Government held a public policy forum on “Gubernatorial Succession and the Powers of the Lieutenant Governor.” We were then two months into the current vacancy in the lieutenant governor’s office created when then-Lt.Gov. David A. Paterson replaced Eliot L. Spitzer as governor.

-  Mom’s love of garden finally takes root 
   by Pam Henel
   It is a labor of love to tend a garden, or a child. It requires time, thought, and diligence. It especially requires patience, waiting and watching as your plants or children grow. Truly a labor of love, but the rewards are bountiful, and bring joy to your soul.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News
[Map of Honduras from and its World Factbook, one of the coolest Web sites out there.]   


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