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Do it yourself

   The New York Senate came back to life this month, with little of its dignity intact, and passed a bill that can help you and your loved ones manage the end of your lives, with full dignity, in a way of your choosing. Good for them. Now, the Assembly needs to act, too.SenateNY

- Here's our editorial: Do it yourself
   Some still will see problems with this measure, though, so here’s the bottom line: Take matters into your own hands and decide your own medical decision-making process, rather than allowing the state’s fall-back process to take over. A simple health care proxy would do that job, and should be part of everyone’s personal planning.
Here's the News article: Health care proxy bill may finally be enacted
- Here's the bill: The Family Heath Care Decisions Act
- Here's the list of people for you to lobby: New York State Assembly members
- Here's information about how to handle your own health care proxy and other such questions, whether the Legislature acts or not, borrowed from the Web site of Univera Community Health: Advance Care Planning.
- Here's a song to go with it all.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 


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