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Editorial: Upstate's leftovers

Today's editorial details the incumbency-protection tradition of doling out "pork," otherwise known as member-item spending, in which the Senate and Assembly leadership distributes money for lawmakers to hand out in their home districts  -- thereby creating grateful groups of supportive constituents, so the theory goes.

Surprise, surprise -- the political party in control always hands bigger pots of money to its own members than it does to the members of the minority.

In the past, the slant in the Democrat-controlled Assembly was offset by the slant in the Republican-controlled Senate. But this year the Democrats control the Senate, too. So most of the $85 million being distributed by each house is going to Democrats. And with Democrats concentrated in the NYC area and all the Republicans upstate, guess which area -- all the "one state" sloganeering notwithstanding -- is getting screwed?

The editorial has the numbers. And it also opines that if there is to be member-item spending, each legislator should get an equal share.


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