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End political pressure

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News takes a very dim view of some of the latest goings-on at Buffalo City Hall.Tanya
- End political pressure
   As reported in The Buffalo News Monday, several City Hall employees have received weekly e-mails from the commissioner, Tanya Perrin-Johnson [right], basically assigning them extra—unpaid—duties and hours on behalf of Brown’s reelection campaign.
   ... This reeks of nothing but a clear violation of both the City Charter and the city’s own Code of Ethics, both of which forbid any abuse of a city official’s position to command political activity or to extort personal favors.
   News follow-ups from Tuesday and Wednesday.  

   Also on today's Opinion page:
Girls should face off
   Buffalo News editorial
   It’s hard to imagine, in some ways, that girls’ hockey remains a backwater in this region’s high school sports programs. Whatever the reason, the problem will soon be solved if plans to create a regional girls’ varsity ice hockey league come to fruition. Prospects are encouraging.
   News background.

-  Medical bankruptcies must factor into debate 
   by Jeffrey Freedman
   Today, too many Americans are just one serious illness away from bankruptcy. Most health insurance policies have loopholes, copayments and deductibles that can bankrupt a family in a short time.
   Harvard, Ohio University study.

- Let’s rename Buffalo the Emerald City 
   by Frank J. Hotchkiss/The Apollo Alliance 
   Buffalo and the surrounding region have the potential to become the greenest location on the Great Lakes. The Emerald City will be the city that recognized the opportunity and seized the moment to build the yellow brick road to prosperity as the largest green manufacturing and services city in the United States.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News  


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