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New jobs ...

   The lead editorial on today's Buffalo News Opinion page -- Create more jobs -- sides with Erie County Executive Chris Collins [right] in his support for a new way to help finance several pending construction Collinsprofile projects now stuck on the drawing boards of various local nonprofits. And we agree that the plan should not be weighed down by pro-union rules proposed by some Democrats on the County Legislature.
   In an era when very little is being built, a demand that civic projects be held hostage to high and, for non-profits, unaffordable wage scales is hardly a favor to unemployed and under-employed workers. It simply serves to torpedo some of the few projects that would get them skilled jobs.
But, even though we support Collins' ends, we have some problems with his means.
   Collins doesn’t really help matters by getting down into the partisan dirt with his rivals, quickly reaching for the cudgel of how lawmakers who oppose him on this, or any, issue only embolden potential challengers in the next election.
   And, what do you know, three pages later, leading off the City and Region section, there he goes again.
- Collins airs ad blitz opposing prevailing wage 
   Also beginning today: a series of automated telephone calls — “robocalls” — urging taxpayers to contact their county lawmakers,
Chairwoman Lynn M. Marinelli in particular...
   Aides said that Collins’ new
political action committee* will spend $10,000 on radio advertising to promote his plan to let an arm of the Erie County Industrial Development Agency offer cheaper, tax-exempt financing to nonprofits for their expansions.
   Well. That's the way to calm the waters.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

   * Technically, the above link is to Collins' old PAC, "Collins for our Future." His new one, "Taxpayers First," hasn't shown up on my search engines yet. I'm also in the market for a link to Collins' ad, either sound bite or script.


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