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Probe. Merge. Pay. Beware.

   The lead editorial in today's Buffalo News Opinion page encourages Niagara Falls' new mayor, Paul Dyster [right], to look at the FBI probe of his city's government as a never-waste-a-crisis chance for Dyster reform.
- Probe in Niagara Falls
   The City of Niagara Falls is renowned for a lot of things. Corruption should not be one of them.
   News background articles:
- Gross is target of federal probe in Falls
Bax allegedly forced firm to hire Gross 
Plumber for firm in FBI probe pulled off city board

   The second editorial notes a new report from the University at Buffalo's Regional Institute about how much money could be saved by consolidating school districts. In most cases, they find, it's not much. But it's some.
Consider school consolidations 
   This region needs a full debate and investigation of the range of governance reform options available. This policy brief is a good start.
   The press release is here. The whole report is here.

   Today's Another Voice column belongs to Sam Williams, chairman of the Western New York chapter of the Working Families Party. He takes the other side of the argument, raised by our Wednesday editorial Create more jobs, on whether it makes sense for county industrial development agencies to require construction projects they aid to pay the union-preferred "prevailing wage." 
Economic expansion starts with good wages 
   Considerable research shows that wage standards in general, and prevailing wage regulations in construction in particular, have several economic positive benefits, including increasing productivity, reducing injuries and workers’ compensation costs and expanding health care coverage for workers so taxpayers aren’t footing the bill.

   And in the My View slot, Lockport's Mary Clista Dahl outs herself as Deadhead
Deadheads among us, so beware the tie-dye
   Until the National Deadhead Registry is published and flyers are sent home in your children’s backpack with our photos, you are on your own, so be careful while you sleep. You may just wake up with roses on your pillow or a peace sign on your pajamas and an overwhelming urge to mellow out. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
   Well. No registry that I can find. But there is, of course, an official Dead Website.

   Truckin' up to Buffalo.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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