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The squandered stimulus

   On the second Opinion page of today's Buffalo News, Washington Post economic columnist Robert Samuelson says the problem with President Obama's economic stimulus package wasn't that it was too small or too big, but that it was too unfocused.
   - The squandered stimulus
   Spending increases and tax cuts are sprinkled in too many places and, all too often, are too delayed toAdamwaterbill do much good now. Nor do they concentrate on reviving the economy’s most depressed sectors: state and local governments, the housing and auto industries. None of this means the stimulus won’t help or precludes a recovery, but the help will be weaker than necessary.

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     Within 37 days of FDR's inauguration, he had proposed and Congress had enacted the CCC. On the 38th day, the corps began handing out shovels to hundreds of thousands of young men who worked for $30 a month planting trees, building fire roads and fire towers, digging irrigation ditches, restoring what the Dust Bowl had torn asunder.
   In today's world, we might get hearings in 37 days, but we wouldn't get a bill. The American shovel industry would have to be satisfied; foreign-made shovels might be allowed, but only if a reciprocal trade agreement were hammered out.
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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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