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Editorials: End the health care chaos

Confused about health care reform? Welcome to the club. President Obama and the Congress have done a fine job of muddying the waters on this, with the help of protesters and a lot of Internet spread of misinformation and misrepresentations.

Then again, at least we've had time to think about this -- the White House wanted a comprehensive thousand-page bill impacting a sixth of the American economy rammed through on a political deadline of just a few weeks. Surely this needs more attention and discussion than that!

Politics. Policy. Not always an easy marriage.

Today's editorial discusses the confusion and opines that current costs need to becurbed before we can just add millions of people to insurance plans by fiat. And there are some links to Web sites, and contact info for your congresspersons. Have at it, if you wish.

-Mike Vogel 


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