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Editorials: Today's edboard 8/10

   What's wrong with this picture? The Boss is on vacation, and we're still working. Oh, well. Gotta look Percolator indispensible.

   Here's some of what is percolating in our editorial brains today:
- Sunday's Buffalo News article about how retired politicians use hundreds of thousands of dollars in leftover campaign cash to buy themselves value as lobbyists.
- Editor Margaret Sullivan's Sunday column calling on Buffalo Mayor Bryon W. Brown to stop stonewalling and start obeying state laws that require the public's records to be made available to the public.
- A short article in today's News about a dispute between the Village of Hamburg and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority over whether NFTA should sell off a railroad right of way that could either be sold for an estimated $1.2 million or kept for the day -- whenever that is -- that NFTA is ready to extend Metro Rail service to the Southtowns.


-- George Pyle


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