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Editorials: Today's edboard (8/20)

Hi, everyone:

A little bit of an upbeat mood today -- we're going towork up editorials on the outpouring of volunteer support for flood victims in Gowanda and on the good news on the job front (GEICO, FMC and the cancelation of planned summer layoffs at GM Powertrain). We'll also look again at the One Sunset fiasco and the city hall culture that fostered it, and comment on the governor's comments during his visit to the edboard yesterday.

Oh, yeah, we also debated health care reform. Again. Seems as if you guys can't get enough of that either. Which, all told, is a good thing.

Right now, I need coffee (this is where I'm supposed to open a Twitter account and tweet "vogel's going 4 coffee," as if anybody cared, but I'm too old for that. Thank God.). So, 'til tomorrow ...

-Mike Vogel 


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